INJURY UPDATE – by Allison Haines

Allison Haines here with an important EWA news bulletin. Battlelines 29 saw a litany of devastating injuries to EWA roster members, and I’ve been able to get the scoop on some of those situations.

GRADY SMITH was hospitalized at Mass General after a vicious assault by Alexander Haven and Martin Robertson. Grady suffered a series of contusions on his face, as well as a broken rib, presumably from being put through a table. Grady was released Saturday morning, and is recovering at home in Cortland. I attempted to reach him at home, but his wife, Janelle Smith, advised me that “he’s not coming back anytime soon”. Take that however you choose.

MARTIN ROBERTSON also suffered an injury of his own, after landing awkwardly when his father planted him with the Chokebuster during the aforementioned assault. I’ve been informed that Martin suffered a hairline fracture of his right forearm, and will likely miss a few weeks of action while being in a cast. He is currently not on the card for Battlelines 30.

AZRAEL GOEREN was in no condition to perform at Battlelines 29, as you all saw. Unfortunately, we have no tangible information on the injuries he may have sustained during his brief “match” with Cronos Diamante, other than a brief comment I obtained from EWA legend Sinnocence, who simply stated, “he’s beat to shit.”

And finally, MICHAEL DRAVEN suffered a stomach-churning compound fracture of his tibia during Indrid Calder’s violent assault on him after their main event match. I was able to speak directly with Draven, who advised me that the doctors have stated the injury was, amazingly, not as severe as initially expected, due to a lack of muscle and tissue damage. Draven is expected to make a full recovery, but will be out of action for some time.

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