BOSTON – A series of announcements has been released today from EWA Entertainment, headquartered out of Boston, MA.


A new stipulation for a tag team match at Battlelines 27 was added today, via announcement from EWA Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven. Alyssa Marie released the following statement.

“After much deliberation, we’ve decided that should 3K member Michael Draven, along with Sahara, emerge victorious over Margaret McIntyre and Natalie Burrows in their contest in Mexico City, then at Battlelines 28, Sahara will receive a rematch for the EWA Combat Championship that she lost to McIntyre at Champions Summit II. While Sahara would argue that the title was ‘stolen out from under her’ – ironic since, from what I’ve heard, Sahara prefers to be underneath everyone – we here at EWA Entertainment cannot deny that she is a draw, and feel that a victory in this match would cement her status as the #1 Contender for the Combat Championship.”


Alyssa Marie also announced that the EWA would be fining 3K member Michael Draven $10,000 for his controversial – and some would say excessive – belt-whipping of his former girlfriend, Maggie McIntyre, at Battlelines 27.

“As much as I enjoyed hearing the EWA’s ‘Banshee’ wail in pain and misery, we here at EWA Entertainment acknowledge that Michael may have stepped over the line. Therefore, we have no choice but to fine Michael and stress to him that this sort of barbaric behavior will not be allowed going forward. Michael has expressed regret for his actions and assured us that further belt lashings will not be necessary.”, said Alyssa.


And incredibly, in today’s final piece of news, EWA owner and Chief Executive OFficer Alexander Haven announced that Michael Draven would also be receiving a $20,000 roster bonus, for “services rendered”. When asked, Haven emphasized that this “bonus” had “absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with McIntyre’s attack. Any apparent correlation between the two are” – Haven stopped speaking at this point to stifle a laugh – “purely coincidental.”

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