BOSTON – EWA Owner and Chief Operating Officer Alexander Haven announced today that he, along with Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Marie Haven and 3K members Martin Robertson and Michael Draven, will be conducting a series of “performance reviews” at the Combat Zone this Friday, February 17, during Battlelines 26.

“There are certain employees of this company who are in clear need of an evaluation, to determine whether or not they’re adequately fulfilling the duties required of them as an employee of EWA Entertainment”, Haven said in a press release. “We’ll be doing a thorough vetting of these individuals in meetings held backstage at Combat TV, and we’re pleased to announce those reviews will be broadcast on Combat TV as part of Battlelines 26. We look forwarding to embarrassing evaluating those individuals.”

No word yet on who exactly will be evaluated. Tune into Battlelines 26 on Combat TV this Friday!

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