BOSTON – Today, EWA Owner and Chief Executive Officer Alexander Haven announced the lifting of the indefinite suspension of former EWA Combat Champion Sahara, canceling out the punishment dealt to the Fallout member by EWA Executive Assistant Stacy Vandervort.

Haven released the following statement: “As the CEO of EWA Entertainment, it is my duty to review all talent disciplinary action that is put to the various EWA Warriors. While I’m sure Ms. Vandervort had the best interests of the EWA in mind, the relentless pounding of Sahara as of late has been detrimental to the career advancement of the former Combat Champion, and an unprofessional act on the part of the EWA’s Executive Assistant. Although I’m certain that being suspended for Night #2 of Champions Summit was a tough pill to swallow for Sahara, we here at the EWA feel that she’s ready to get back on the saddle again and ride her way to greater successes here in the EWA.”

Sahara will be present at Battlelines 25, sources say. Stacy Vandervort was unable to be reached for comment.

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