The Rag Mag, Volume #15, Part 2: CS2 News & Analysis

Champions Summit II.

As the show of shows continues to live up to it’s billing, we get a recap of night one, also known as the fall of the Fallout.

Night two kicks off with a backstage promo between Haven and Draven. No, not THAT Draven, the other Draven. We harken back to Tokyo and the Hummer incident, and The Icon asks if Haven was the one behind wheel.

Haven says no.

Now we as viewers have no reason to not believe Alexander Haven, right?

Sahara’s Brother vs Burrows. Vincent Ashe referring to him as Sahara’s Brother was on point for Vincent Ashe, and to be honest, it’s on point for the ever struggling Mojave. Things gotta be hard enough on this kid given his sisters overbearing presence, to say he seems stuck in a rut is an understatement.

The newcomer shows her wares. Solid match to start the show…and Vincent Ashe with the “he kicked her in the tit” comment made me laugh. Crowd can’t decide which of them they like…that’s always a positive sign for heat. Wow, Mojave just speared the damn ringpost, and I mean HARD. The Southern Blonde takes advantage and takes the win.

Solid opener to get the newcomer some exposure…not that she needs it being on the Fallouts radar, I got a feeling she’s gonna be seeing plenty of action.

Keep in mind this footage was recorded BEFORE the show…trust me folks, the place was sold out. We take a trip down SHOOT memory lane with Isaac Entragian before he finds his way to the ring to find the man he’s looking for, Azrael Goeren. Ivory Ike admits he was wrong and in a rare — and when I say rare, I mean like this may have happened NEVER before — show of respect, the two share a handshake.

And just like that, the Legend Isaac Entragian walks out of the EWA.

Guess there will be no vengeance against him.

Martin Robertson comes out ushering in a new era of frat boy self-aggrandising love for himself. The new persona works for Robertson. Lemme just say that prior to this, I felt he was a bit restrained and vanilla…seems the EWA let him off the leash and he went off.

Poor fat kid in the crowd.

There are rare times when a single promo can make or break a character. It’s like you got one shot…go out there and do your thing, don’t fuck it up because EVERYBODY is watching. It wasn’t a perfect promo, but it was DAMN close.

Needless to say, the fans responded…

Now, if I could make a request…EWA, could we PLEASE pair Robertson and Sahara even if it’s just for one night? I’m not sure two people exist that love themselves more.

Mephisto backstage being all Mephistoie. Yes, it’s a word.

Ahh, it’s Sahara Stark called in to see Stacy Lannister. Wanna guess what happens to Sahara here? If you said a bunch of bad shit, give yourself a pat on the back. So, a bit a go, there was apparently a time in which Sinn seduced Sahara into signing something she shouldn’t have…which is believable given Sahara’s kind of … eh, I don’t wanna call her stupid. But she’s primal, I think Maggie once said it’s not that she can’t think, she just doesn’t? Anyway…Sinn owns Sahara’s wrestling personality, and the pile it on the shit sandwich Stacy serves up, she suspends Sahara for shoving Rick Iley during her match on night one.

Sahara goes a bit nuts and leaves us with the ominous we live in desperate times line…

Stein, Willmott and Seton vs The Fallout sans Sahara. What’s the over under Sahara claims the ratings went down because she wasn’t out there? This ended up being a better than expected match given it was a handicap. While The Fallout were mostly cohesive, you could tell there was a bit of trepidation on the part of Seton and Willmott when it comes to Stein.

Oh, nice ending. Stein with a Stein like maneuver to seal the victory, but the story has to be the white knight Ray Willmott saw the whole thing, but he took the cheap victory. I have to credit this to the fact people are so sick of the Fallout that they’ve come to enjoy when bad things happen to them.

Wow, happy endings DO exist in the EWA!

In a rather touching moment, which I feel came across well, Laura Seton proposes to Ray Willmott…who says yes! The crowd seemed to enjoy the moment. Seton proposing to Willmott fits given the EWA’s rare penchant to actually treat women as equals. I don’t talk about treating them as equals, I mean actually doing it.

Mephisto employs Kharrion to do something Mephistoie…holy fuck, the EWA accidently showed one of it’s road agents on camera.

That dudes sooo fired.

Kharrion vs The Vice Squad. And after a grueling match the longest current reigning champions run comes to an end. Normally, matches this long bother me…but the way they injected self-commentary into it kept the flow going rather well. Lot’s of impactful moves and some funny as hell lines sprawled throughout this match. The crowd really got into this at times.

Another title change at Champions Summit.

Well, Kharrion, it’s your time to shine. Don’t let us down.

Hey EWA, don’t look now, but Rick Iley is quickly becoming your top referee. He seems to officiate a lot of title matches and can take bumps…

Our Schadenfreude advertisement of the week! Every Time I have to type that word out, it takes me about twenty-seconds to do it…I’m positive I’ve spelled it wrong. Hell, right now I’m positive I’ve spelled it wrong and I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Erik Draven comes out to give his farewell speech, the announcers deservedly put him over. Look at the young kids in the crowd, they’re like “Who the fuck is this guy?” as their parents mark out all over themselves. Michael Draven appears to say a few words and it’s not long before Alexander Haven interrupts.

We finally get our answer to who the mystery Humvee driver was!

We get a bit of a brotherly exchange of violence before Eric get’s the upper hand but quickly get’s cut off by a blow to his injured knee. Such a sad moment in what was supposed to be Erik’s farewell to the EWA.


Note how that rhymes when you say it all together.

How clever.

I still prefer Culver’s.

We cut backstage to Tanya Black who runs down the injuries sustained…and eats a bunch of stuff that most of the girls backstage probably despise her for being able to eat and still somehow looking like she does.

Well, this would likely tell me Tanya is being shelved for a bit, but I’m not quite sure. Concussions can be a bitch.

The Fatal Four Way. That’s too many names to write…this was a crazy match, and these guys are all so fast it was hard to keep up with at times…but I kinda expected that going into this. This was like an action scene that just kept going and you were on the edge of your seat, unable to look away because you were afraid you’d miss something awesome if you did. This formula worked exceptionally well for this match. It kept the tension building throughout.

LOVED the ending with Mephisto taking down Boden of all people to win.

ANOTHER title change at CSII.

That’s three out of four so far.

The EWA better hope all these new champions carry those straps as well as the ones prior because this is like a seismic shift in flagship bearers.

We go backstage with the new Tag-Team Champions and Kharrion make a statement to the entire EWA that they ain’t afraid a’ no ghosts. They pretty much issued an open challenge to the entire EWA here…because they’re Kharrion.

Nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of success.

Kage vs Calder.

So much happened in this match, I could literally write an entire article on just this one match. No, I won’t be doing that because fuck you. We begin with two FANTASTIC entrances that I’m sure people will remember for some time to come.

This one starts out at a blistering pace with some ultra violence and a couple of rapid nearfalls. Ahhh, the ring masters slow down the action a bit to give the crowd a breather and immediately start to rebuild. Do you know what we call that, my lovely students? Ring psychology. They rebuild the crowd and damn these guys can go.

Stacy Vandervort comes out…she joins HATE! No! She doesn’t!


This was well orchestrated, because normally in moments like this the match would be over. Calder finding a way to keep it going was a breath of fresh air.

Here comes new Combat Champion Maggie! Gawd that’s so weird to write. Cracks Kage with a chairshot. Punches out Vandervort! This shit just went off the handle.

Danny Smith calls for a disqualification but, oh god, Alyssa Marie is back…she restarts the match! Crowd is really into this…jesus, a 450 splash from Kage onto Calder through the commentary table.

Now THAT was a spot.

Took too long to get Calder back into the ring and he shoulders up…here comes Michael Draven…more carnage ensues. Ohhhh, Draven smashes McIntyre and Calder to bits…somewhere in the world there is a platinum blonde celebrating this moment.

Needless to say, Indrid Calder wins and retains as result of disqualification. But HATE paid to get it done as Maggie gets wheeled out on a stretcher after taking a number of solid chairshots.

It’s the aftermath of this match that really hits home.

The Youth implodes and what’s left standing?

Draven. Haven. Robertson.

They take out Kage. For good?! Gotta say, that looks like the end.

This was…nuts.

Really good match, but the interconnecting storylines at the end overshadowed it, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. As I’m not a wrestling purist, I was really really happy with how they finished this show.

Closing thoughts and lingering questions:

CS2, both nights lived up to it’s name. I wouldn’t say either night was better…it was just fantastic from beginning to end.

Great matches.

Great story endings.

Great story beginnings.

If I had ONE nitpick because I may have missed something…why did Alexander Haven and Michael Draven nearly kill each other on night one if they were in on this together the entire time? Was that kind of a show of respect? I guess I could write it off as such. Anyway, I felt the need to ask. What would I be if I didn’t stir up some controversy?

So…what happens with the Youth? I have to assume they’re done.

HATE now control two titles…it’s like HATE and Fallout flipped positions of power.

What of Parriah? Obviously with Mephisto taking the Network Title of Boden, there has to be some sort of aftermath in store…

Kharrion usher in a new era of tag-champions…

And what about the Fallout?! If Tokyo was the best show for them this was undeniably the worst…just a terrible showing from the girls. I mean, all around…I can’t even find a silver lining in this for them.

Are Haven/Draven/Robertson a new faction or was that a one night thing?


The EWA is no longer that small company that started out in 2000 seat auditoriums a little over a year ago…

Champions Summit II.