The Rag Mag, Volume #14: Changing the Game

First and foremost, merry whatever it is you choose celebrate…but since it’s Christmas Eve, I’m specifically saying Merry Christmas, too. Be nice to each other for a day or two…then come back and watch some EWA and live vicariously through these … pretty fucked up people.


My thoughts on the EWA, and how it’s changed the game.

I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. By this, I mean pro wrestling. Still with me?! Good. You can say I’ve seen quite a bit in these federations over the years, from the “birth” of the industry to what it’s become today. Of course, just like so many of you, I was very much on again/off again over that span of time. There were times in my life I was simply too busy to dedicate the time necessary to excel, so instead of half-assing it, I’d step away before it eventually lured me back. Let’s just say I’ve seen everything from gratuitous sex that had nothing to do with a character or storyline, to outright murder in the ring…so let’s start by agreeing that some of what we’ve done or saw over the years wasn’t the best.

The EWA has evolved into something I’ve never seen before, and I think they’ve got the right formula for the times. It’s a crazy world we live in today, and it moves faster than ever before. As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Stop and look around the EWA, because you don’t wanna miss this. Whether you agree with the direction the EWA has gone or not, you can’t argue that it’s not interesting. Or something. Language is hard. This is not to say other federations haven’t evolved and changed with the times, too. That’s NOT what I’m saying here. SHOOT Project comes to mind as one of the pioneers of allowing the “industry” to breathe and evolve. As did Legacy, the old EWA, the NYSWF, and so many others.

But here is where the difference lies for me and how I see the EWA as it exists today. It’s also why I believe it differs from any federation I’ve seen before, be it SHOOT Project, Legacy, NYSWF, and a plethora of others. The EWA bucks tradition in that it’s not about a wrestling promotion.

Huh? What?!

I know, what the fuck am I talking about, right? If the EWA isn’t about wrestling, then what’s it about?!

I’m glad you asked.

The EWA is about a cast of colorful characters that happen to wrestle, but it’s not about the wrestling itself. If you don’t understand what that means, you’ll never understand what I’m saying. So close your web browser and go outside or something. If it’s too cold where you live, move to Florida, I hear there’s some cool people that live there. I mean, half the time as of late, the action and adventure hasn’t even taken place inside a wrestling ring and what we’re seeing looks more like a movie than anything close to what we see as “wrestling”.

Now, seeing things cast in THAT light, I wanted to share a few thoughts after a recent appearance from a former SHOOT Superstar that kind of put things into perspective for me.

I’m talking about none other than Dan “The Lights” Stein and his lovely assistant…Molly…uhm, the Assistant. While I could be completely off base on this, it’s my opinion to what I’ve witnessed and heard backstage, so I figure why not discuss it…since that’s what we do here.

Anyway, back in SHOOT Project, Dan Stein was like the epitome of “Sex”, he was the “Rated R” superstar that pushed the limits as to what was normal accepted behavior and made the fans swoon. I guess. Totally not me, though, I promise. I never once swooned for Dan Stein. Ok, maybe ONCE. But that’s it. Enter the EWA. Where SHOOT Project was definitely a hard R rating for it’s abundant use of swearing, violence and gratuitous use of blood, I think the EWA somewhat shocked even the unshockable Dan Stein…because this place is at LEAST NC17+.

But let me say something about that.

That’s the reality in which we exist.

The EWA is a reflection of certain aspects of life some of you wish didn’t exist…but totally do. You know what exists out there? Drugs. Just ask Sahara. Ok, that was a bit of a cheap shot…so ask Haven while you’re at it. Or probably half the roster who simply hide it better. You know what else people do quite a lot of? Fuck. Just ask Sahara. Ok, I promise I’m done, but someone in control of the EWA would probably get upset if I let such opportunities pass without taking a swing at the poor girl. The point is, where some of you may view the EWA like one huge Wolf of Wall Street party of debauchery…that’s because that’s what life is sometimes. We don’t all have white picket fences and live perfect lives with families that get along like the Brady Bunch. Some of us live in a bit of a fucked up somewhat not so sacrosanct reality that’s a bit Shameless, a bit wonderful, a bit violent, and a bit … filthy.

I don’t know, what do you guys think? Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Quite a few characters here are pretty raunchy, and wield sex like a flaming broadsword of some sort while others make use of gratuitous amounts of drugs and alcohol in what appears to be a nonstop party…and then there’s the violence!

I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

But I do know one thing it is.


And yes, life sometimes gets THAT ridiculous…just look around.

Oh, before I continue on with the news and rumors, I’d like to officially welcome Dan Stein, Molly the Assistant and the southern belle herself, Natalie Burrows to the EWA.

Join in on the fun, guys and gals…the EWA is THE place to be.


Ya know, I was thinking about something the other day, but Haven’s car crash in South Bend? Yeah, isn’t that where Crippler is from?! Now, I’m not insinuating anything, but I am saying a connection exists.

It’s been rumored that former two-time EWA Heavyweight Champion, Sinnocence, was unhappy at recent merchandise offered by the EWA featuring both her name and viking-themed likenesses rebranded under the name of Sahara and the Fallout. It’s well-known that Jada Kaine is fiercely territorial about her trademarked Viking brand and it’s come down through the grapevine that she was NOT consulted about this merchandise, nor is she receiving any royalties for the use of her name. We can expect that if these rumors are true, the Viking Queen may be having some words with dear old Sahara.

Speaking of EWA merchandise, Sahara’s viking themed merch is reportedly flying off the shelves, which will likely lead to the bodacious blonde being more arrogant than we’ve seen. Interestingly enough, the anti-Sahara shirt, despite being double the price of her pro-Sahara shirt, is sold out. Big surprise there. But I will say it was a brilliant move to market your own anti-me apparel.

EWA manager Big Ed Johnson has been spotted around the EWA HQ in downtown Boston. What this may or may not mean, I have no idea.