The Rag Mag, Volume #11: An Interview with Laura Seton

Guess who’s back?!

Tonight I have a special treat for you kids out there in Ragland…I’ve got the one and only Laura Seton. That’s right, bitches, I landed the two time EWA World Heavyweight Champion for an interview and this is gonna kick major ass!

Just when some of you thought she had disappeared from the scene…she’s back in action!

Now, I know what some of you asshats in the Fallout (and their completely obnoxious fans) are gonna say, “Yeah, but, she only held the title for like two minutes”, and to that I say…she held the fucking title. TWICE. She was the world champion…so what have you done lately? And before you say it, shut up, Grace.

And yeah, I’m a fan of the FOG (Fallout Girls), don’t get me wrong, but I’m not THAT fan, and you all know exactly the kind of douche Fallout fan I’m talking about.

In my eyes, Laura Seton is a longstanding good guy (or gal), or babyface in the industry, and while I’ve heard some rumblings in the past of her heelish ways…I’ve gotta be honest when I say I’ve never seen it myself. Maybe it’s my selective memory on this particular subject, but when I think Laura Seton, I see the goodiest of the goods. Milk and cookies and all that. Some of you may disagree, as is your right, but in this writer’s humble opinion, Laura Seton is one of THE last remaining heroes in a wrestling world that needs them very badly.

Let’s get to it…

Laura, it’s great to finally get to meet you after all these years…blah, blah, blah, pleasantries aside, let’s just get the questions rolling as I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that kind of thing anyway.

Let’s just get to the low hanging fruit on this question tree to get things started…

Q: You’ve had a hell of a time these past bunch of weeks since the Fallout rose to prominence and they’ve seem to have taken a particular liking to taking you out. You’ve been around for MANY years and know the wrestling landscape all too well. How do you propose taking on a crew of villains like this when it’s obvious they’re NEVER going to fight fair?

A: I can tell you what the “smart” way is: Rally a few people and go out there together. They gang attack and really the only way to stay in one piece against a group like that is to have backup. That’s the best way. Of course, I’m not known for having had much backup wherever I’ve gone. I can’t say I can just “hope for the best” on my own, but I can’t force people into helping me. If someone wants to and they actually have good intentions and aren’t a jerk? Sure, I’ll gladly accept that assistance.

Q: I gotta do this. Live from Tokyo. Bad memories, I know. That moment you capture the world title…I remember seeing it, you’re in that ring when you’re handed the world title, you hug it close and the fans are going wild. You did it! You dethroned Chris Kage and reached the pinnacle of our sport for the second time. And then it happens. On the same night the Fallout forms, they come out from behind, Gaunt and Sahara break up your celebration and shanghai you, and then Grace Goeren turns in the briefcase…what was running through your mind?

A: Disappointment. I don’t blame her for taking advantage of what was in front of her, but I don’t think it was so satisfying for her to win the World Championship how she did. It was almost like a sign of disrespect for it, you know? She wasn’t there to “win,” she was just there to “take possession.” When the day comes that she loses it, I hope it’s 20 times more heartbreaking to her than it was for me that evening.

My Reaction:”Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Henry Russell Sanders. Yeah, I know a lot of people attribute that saying to the great Vince Lombardi, but he stole it from Sanders, and we at the Rag Mag have a massive research budget called Google. Anyway, my take on this is get what you can, while you can. That money in the bank gimmick is pretty much created specifically for one purpose, and that’s taking advantage of a situation that maximizes your chance to capture the world title. Whether it’s satisfying or not is really up to Grace and the Fallout…and with how much fun that party train looks, I doubt they care. Q: Now, you have a big match coming up in a 3 way with Grace Goeren and and a personal friend of yours, at least I think he’s a friend, in Ray Willmott. It’s taking place at Out for Blood for the World Title. Not only do you have the Fallout to contend with, but Willmott is no joke in his own right. This is a two-part question, so be sure to answer both. What are your thoughts on this match and has the possibility of a double-cross from Willmott helping the Fallout crossed your mind? After all, those girls can be quite convincing when they want to be.

A: If this was 2001, I would say you’re completely out of your mind even thinking that was a possibility. A friend is a friend, right? But here we are in 2016 and I’ve seen and experienced so much… …sure it’s crossed my mind Ray could turn on me. Nothing is a sure thing until it’s over in this sport. Do I think he would turn on me just so Grace could win? THAT I have a problem believing. I’ve known Ray since late-2001 and that’s not his way. He does what he does for himself. If he joins The Fallout? It’s after he wins the World Championship. I fought Ray once before and he got me, but again, that was way back at the start of my career. I’m not going to have an easy time in Dallas. Fighting Kage one-on-one was insanely difficult, facing Ray and Grace will be a whole other animal. If there’s a bright side, it’s that they’ll be tearing into each other as well.

Q: Shifting gears a bit, in my recent interview with Jaime Alejandro, he had some not so nice things to say about you, I’m not sure if it’s out of jealousy or past relationships or what, but he seems convinced that the image you project in public, IE this hero image, is completely fake and that you’re pretty much the opposite of that in reality. Any response?

A: No.

My Reaction:I get the distinct sense Laura Seton does not like Jaime Alejandro very much. Q: The landscape of the EWA. You’ve obviously got The Fallout, but then there’s HATE, The Youth, all factions that seem to have their own agendas and base of power. What are your thoughts on HATE and The Youth?

A: There’s a lot of bad blood within, and I don’t mean between the members themselves. I mean in the way that they all have bad intentions to begin with. NOTHING has never been a great guy. Kage–we all know about Kage. Grace is something else to be desired… and everyone else in those factions? Let’s just say this isn’t a great time to be on your own. Gang attacks are aplenty… and you know, have you often seen otherwise? When was the last time there was a strong set of fan favorites that teamed up? Even if just to face one of these other evil-intentioned factions. You never see that, really, and I think that’s disappointing. It’s always the want to take over or demolish a place or someone specific and I think that’s a shame.

My Reaction: I’ve never really considered the potential of a mega-babyface faction or how it would work. Gang warfare is traditionally a “bad guy” type of mentality. This could be almost impossible to pull off…sorry, good guys/gals, you’re likely on your own…but, let me ask the question anyway… Q: Have you thought about rallying a group together to fight back?

A: Honestly, no. I don’t know if I’d be ready to be a part of something like that because I’m highly invested in getting back the World Championship. I think that would be too much of my–no, I KNOW that would be too much of my focus and I wouldn’t be as much help to the group as a whole as I would otherwise wish to be.

Q: Laura Seton. From where you started, to where you are today, do you have any regrets about things you’ve said or done in the past, and what’s your current message to the fans out there that believe you are the one true hero of the EWA?

A: Oh, I have a huge regret. SHOOT Project. I don’t know where to start with that. I was brought in as this special blue-chip addition after LEGACY closed and was being pumped up as “the sky is the limit.” I knew SHOOT was different, but I didn’t realize the fans were also a different breed. They aren’t the kind that would watch EWA or another fed based on traditional aspects of this sport, they’re a niche crowd, and I had never been in a violent-heavy organization before. I did what I always did–be kind and give my best wrestling effort, but… … that’s not what those fans wanted.

Q: And that’s when you had the heel turn, and you’ll have to excuse me when I say that I may need a refresher course there..

A: Haha, you may be the only person that doesn’t remember that. I think… well, there’s really no excuse I can come up with about that. I just flat-out flipped out. I was the good person but getting booed? I mean, does that make ANY sense at all?? I see what Entragian and Kenji Yamada were doing and Azrael and Diamond Del Carver did and it’s like, “What’s wrong with all of you??” I said some horrible things and shoved everything those fans loved right back in their collective face. Instead of cheers, I was hated even more and called very nasty names. I stopped caring altogether about them. What I did was wrong and because I acted like that way for almost a year, well, I wish I had never signed there. I was pretty successful there, but that environment just wasn’t for me. But at the time LEGACY closed, it was really SHOOT or nowhere else and I didn’t want to retire just then.

My Reaction: In fairness to Laura’s point, SHOOT fandom was traditionally borderline Rated NC17 types of rabid, bloodthirsty fans. Q: Now you’re this heroine again. What do you say to fans about that?

A: I am SO thankful I’m in their good graces. My guess is EWA fans never watched SHOOT so either my actions there were heard by them second-hand or they watched what I did there well after it all happened. Either they understood what I lost my mind about or they were willing to forgive me Either way, I’m happy I can be the type of person I was born to be instead of this transformed soured witch. If there’s anything too much of in wrestling it’s these people, again like HATE and The Fallout, that have no want to even look at the bright side of things. I can’t beat that into people, but I want everyone in the crowd to know positivity carries you to where you want to go. You have to really want what you set out for, but the last piece to the puzzle is being positive. That’s the overall lesson I hope people take from me. Strive to be good and you’ll reach what you want.

Q: Yet people like Grace Goeren succeed.

A: Heh… well… she’ll get what she deserves soon enough.

I’m going to rattle off a few names, just give us your thoughts on them…I’ve always loved this part of the interview because it gives us the chance to see what the superstars think of each other.

Q: Chris Kage?

A: He gets under your skin so you have to withstand that… he’s unquestionably one of the toughest I’ve ever faced physically. I wouldn’t mind challenging him again.

Q: Alexander Haven?

A: Who’s the boss? That guy, not Angela Bower. Joke aside, we’ll see how he handles things now, but I hope he doesn’t skew things for himself and The Youth. At least he has the chance to back himself up in the ring unlike a number of other fed owners.

My Reaction: Hold the fuck up, Laura. Tony Danza, aka Tony Micelli was the boss. As for his prowess in the ring, unquestioned. Q: You were short earlier when I mentioned him, but I’ll try again, Jaime Alejandro?

A: Next.

My Reaction: LOL Q: What about Alejandro’s new partner in crime, Johnny Napalm?

A: Big son of a gun and you don’t like him when he’s angry. I admit I like seeing him succeed as he’s one of the first guys I feuded with but I hope he can keep that temper controlled or even HATE’s destruction will look like child’s play.

Q: Ray Willmott?

A: You just want to know about the kiss, don’t you?

Q: I just want to know your thoughts on him. Take it as you will.

A: He’s changed since I last saw him. He used to be this bad, “I don’t care” attitude type of guy. He did what he did for himself. And it worked. I run across him now–it’s like a whole different person. Time sure humbled him, but darn if he still can’t excel.

My Reaction: I notice she didn’t actually mention the kiss. 🙁

I’m going to separate these next three because you likely have a particular beef with them at the moment. I’ll start with their leader.

Q: The World Champion, Grace Goeren?

A: I don’t care what her background consists of–well, I do in the sense of no child should be treated like she was–but that doesn’t mean to take shortcuts and act like a brat. Earn it the right way. You want respect from people for once? Try showing some honest class.

My Reaction: Class, from the potty mouth that is Grace Goeren? Good luck with that…she’s even took Sahara and somehow turned her into something of a skank. Q: Elizabeth Gaunt?

A: I’ve known her since LEGACY; Entragian’s sideshow freak woman, so to speak. I give her credit for finally showing the guts to get in the ring. She teased it so often years ago. I just wish she would be on her own for once.

My Reaction: Say what you will, seeing Elizabeth Gaunt slowly spark to life and come out of Isaac’s shadow has been fun to watch, even if she hangs out with the cool kids now. Q: The Combat Champion, Sahara?

A: The same thing here–I wish she would break from The Fallout because I think she could be SO much more alone. I don’t know why, but going into Live From Tokyo I felt this aura around her that she could beat Azrael and sure enough… I don’t know what Marcus has taught her at home but if there was a person to teach this business, it’s him.

My Reaction: Before the Fallout she was 0-4 and getting decimated…and I don’t think she would have beaten Azrael without them. She might now, though. Q: How about Maggie McIntyre?

A: Great young talent and I was really admiring her actions. I was looking forward to seeing her win a Championship and watching her blossom with it but… I don’t know what she’s thinking jumping to HATE. There’s nothing to gain there but a black heart.

My Reaction: Have no fear, Sahara and Maggie will melt each other’s frozen hearts. Q: Anyone else you have any specific thoughts on?

A: I know almost every wrestler says this about the federation they’re in, but this is without question, with only LEGACY rivaling it, the deepest roster of pure wrestling talent I have ever been a part of. And that’s even more amazing considering a number of guys I first crossed paths with over 15 years ago are here and they’re not just part-time, only wrestling at Supershow guys–they still wrestle every single show. As long as you can still move, age means nothing in this sport.

My Reaction: I don’t even think Legacy rivals it at this point, especially with the recent additions of Mephisto and Entragian (which took place AFTER this interview). Final Thoughts: As this interview was delayed for release, some of the information may seem a few weeks old…and that’s because some of it is. That being said, I can’t help but feel Laura Seton is losing faith in her own crusade against the evildoers in the EWA. I hope I’m wrong about that, because the one thing this place cannot afford is to lose one of it’s greatest loners/heroes. I hope she’s just been busy training or something and we start seeing more of her again…don’t lose faith now, Laura…we need you!