The Rag Mag, Volume #9: An Interview with Jaime Alejandro

Before I begin, kids…I’d like to give something of a modern writing lesson because I’ve noticed a habit of a bygone era still remains with quite a few of you. The only reason people ever used two spaces after a period was because of monospaced typewriter fonts which made sentence endings look compressed and harder to read. Since the advent of computers and proportional fonts, it is no longer necessary to use two spaces after a period, and is actually frowned upon.

And no, it wasn’t a big deal to find and replace with . 😉 I’m just saying…stop doing it.

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way I have a few words for some of you anonymous members of EWA that have been waiting on me to interview you. It’s not often I break promises with people, so I’m sure this interview may upset a few of you, but this opportunity fell into my lap and I decided I’d take it.

To those of you the Rag Mag has promised to interview, I haven’t forgotten, and now that we’re back in business, contact me and we’ll sit down and get it done if you’re ready to do so.

Now, with that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks…Jaime Alejandro. The Iron Saint. After going on an extended hiatus, I was afraid that was the last time we would see the Saint in action, and though we’ve heard rumblings over the months, I never actually expected a full time return to the ring…but it looks like that’s exactly what we got!

To those of you who may not be familiar with Alejandro, which means you’ve likely been living in a cave with anti-wrestling shielding over it, Alejandro is one of the truly great storytellers of this generation.

So, ladies and gents, without further ado … I give you Jaime Alejandro.

Q: You’ve been around a LONG time, and no, that wasn’t meant to be some sort of age joke. It’s more of a compliment in the wars you’ve seen and the battles you’ve waged. Do you see a difference between the SHOOT Project we all knew and loved and the EWA in it’s present form?

A: I honestly do. But wrestling as a whole has changed with our times. The world when I was in SHOOT was much more politically incorrect. The current environment is much more correct, to be honest. SHOOT in 2009 couldn’t survive in today’s environment. Yes, EWA has shocking and provocative stories. But, it’s smarter. As such, I’ve had to become smarter, as well.

Those who do not adapt to the times are doomed to fall by the wayside. It happened to the Hierarchy, as you’ve eloquently stated in this article many times. They couldn’t adapt, and now it’s splintered. I wanted to do something different now than I did in SHOOT.

As you know, Sex and Violence was something of a joke between myself and Dan. But he and John made it a hell of a team. And today, here we are again.

Fifteen years in this business. I turn thirty-nine this November, and I don’t plan on going to the retirement home without gold and platinum. But, EWA now. Very exciting times. Just know that I’m Reddington, and I have a Blacklist in the company…

My Reaction: Couldn’t agree more, I often attribute SHOOT Project, before it’s current serialized incarnation (which I hope returns sometime soon) to an attitude era style of wrestling. That said, by no means is the EWA PG era nonsense, this place is like taking all the eras and throwing them into a blender and whatever flies out the top that day is what you get. That said, as of late, I cannot help but feel that edgier more hardcore attitude feel creeping back into the everyday product. Q: You have quite the history with a few of the girls from around SHOOT Project and the EWA, and while these might be personal questions, could you give us any details on the one known as Tanya Black?

A: Plenty of details, really. But, she has been a frenemy for longer than I have been in love with her. In fact, all of the “bad girl” image that you’ve seen on TV is a bit of a fallacy. Tanya is actually one of the more the angelic people you’ll ever meet. But, I did leave an invitation with you. And yes, I know who you are for the invite. But, I also obey some laws of kayfabe. So, I’m not telling anyone.

However, Tanya and I met during a bad period I had with someone. And I’ll admit, I wasn’t a good person around that time. The stress of owning a business and a bad relationship took its toll. And I’ll admit to you and to God… Yes, I cheated. But I also admitted to my family what I did. My mother knocked the shit out of me for a month…

But while Tanya and I were screwing, the other person was off on one of her dalliances. So, I ask you… Even if I cheated? Is it such when being abandoned. Tanya and I aren’t perfect. But we’re perfect enough for each other to get married. Will you see her at ringside? No. But she supports me one hundred percent. And with her behind me, I’m gonna take on the world.

My Reaction: I’ll sum up my feelings after the next response, as the questions are somewhat related. Q: And what about the now former two-time EWA World Heavyweight Champion, Laura Seton?

A: Outside of a promo, this will the most attention I will give her. Laura isn’t the person she claims to be on television. That “wholesome” image is as fake as Alyssa Marie’s chest. Fun to look at, but still enhanced and hard to focus on. Laura is unmarried because she’s not a friendly person outside of TV. She’s good at acting and broadcasting. But, much like Erin Andrews. False positivity.

As far as what’s happening to her in EWA. Very much Karma. Much like her life. She’s never the bride, always the bridesmaid. And it’s not surprising about how fast she’s losing the title. She’s adapted, yes. But not in the right way. The vicious streak she has is the real her. The spiteful, hate filled dynamo is the real Laura Seton. And let’s put it to a test… See how she interacts around children at a signing.

You notice she keeps to boards and mediums. That’s because she truly hates human contact. But hurting a human being, that’s always easy. And that’s Laura in a nutshell.

My Reaction: Both of these answers were much more candid than I figured they’d be. I was expecting a heavy dose of sugarcoat to go along with these responses, but I got the exact opposite. Especially in regard to Laura Seton, and while this was just one man making a statement, I’ve never seen Laura as anything other than what she presents herself as. I wonder what Seton would have to say to this? Q: As I stated earlier, you’ve been around for quite a few years and I’m not sure if you were friends or enemies with Marcus Mirage, but throughout the years you must have run into Sahara at some point…is her sudden change surprising to you? Did she ever say anything to you in the past?

A: In the ring, Marcus and I were enemies. Outside of it, we’re probably two of the better friends you could ever be around. I met Lauren a few times backstage. She was quiet and unassuming. We’ve actually talked. And this is something that people don’t know about Lauren…

She’s the smartest person in the room. I can speak to you in this eloquent manner which gives away my Oxford education. Lauren can actually keep up with me, intellectually….

My Reaction: I know for a fact Jaime has been exposed to Sahara in the past as he and Mirage ran in the same circles for many years, and every so often she’d visit, but not in a performer capacity. All the boys knew her (no, not in that way you perverts), and pretty much liked her. I’ve also heard she’s the one behind a LOT of Mirage’s lines, ideas, etc., so this may not be far off base. Q: She had some not so choice words for you and Johnny Napalm at the last Battlelines, did you both take note she literally went out of her way to make sure to notify you that you were both on The Fallouts radar, and did that surprise you?

A: It did not. Lauren is wanting to fit into this persona she has. This right hand of Grace Goeren. The lady of Pain. The problem with The Fallout, is that I can see right through all of them. Duane Gates is the proverbial Rah’s al Ghul of the group. He controls the puppets.

Grace is the Talia, the prodigal daughter. The one to bring the mad plans to order. She’s the poison pill to his plan. HATE wasn’t enough for him. They’re not under his control. So, Grace is the wrecking ball.

Liz and Sahara are her hands. Her guides. They keep her on course. Both women are intelligent enough to guide her. Liz is demented but smart. Lauren is very smart on her own accord.

They see John and I as a threat, and rightfully so. As I said earlier, I’m Reddington. And the Fallout is on my Blacklist.

My Reaction: A Batman and a Blacklist reference all in one response! I love it. It wasn’t lost on me that he answered this way given Sahara’s recent sacrifice of her husband Mirage to Grace and the Fallout. Go back and watch the show, kids…Sahara literally apes Batman’s final line to Ra’s al Ghul when she tells Mirage, “You know I’d never hurt you, my love…but I don’t have to save you, either.” Chilling stuff…and as for how he views The Fallout, it’s hard to disagree with his assessment of them. This also shows Jaime has a penchant for noticing little details and paying attention to them…and if you knew anything about a man as meticulous as that, it should frighten you.[/i] Q: So, Red Reddington, what exactly is your connection with Johnny Napalm and how did you come together in the EWA?

A: Napalm and I first met in Deep Ellum as kids. I moved about two hours way to San Antonio, for reference. I’m a few years apart from John But, we went different ways after school. He went into wrestling, of course. I went to the Army. And he went around through the NYSWF and the original EWA.

I went to NAFW in 2001, as one of the older rookies. I started in the National Wrestling Council, prior that year. But people forget rookie years conveniently. We both saw gold when we were younger. But it seemed I’ve been the one that people talk about a bit more.

We met up again in SHOOT, but we were in different parts of the spectrum. Yet, we both were kept away from the championship scene. It seems the Johnsons were a bit more in favor with those who played nice with the office. And we didn’t. So, in a way… Napalm, Mason Pierce, and I laid the foundation for ORION.

But I went away in my coma, and Mason took the ORION Syndicate as a group. Yet, after it was all over… We founded Orion Promotions. Napalm was one of the first few signees there. But as even Mirage would say, the money ran out. And I answered why in the previous question about Laura…

But Napalm and I have known each other for way too long, and we might actually trust each other enough.

My Reaction: A bit of a history lesson for you people who STILL don’t know who Jaime Alejandro is. Q: Seeing as how fast the EWA is suddenly moving, how on fire the promotion seems to be, do you think Napalm has what it takes to keep up? Around every corner there’s a member of HATE or The Fallout, all looking to make an impact at a moments notice just to keep themselves in the spotlight. You honestly think he’s ready for this?

A: He needs to evolve from this God of Violence. It’s all fine and well. But against these groups, you have to be smarter. Even you, with your writing, have called me “The Surgeon of Wrestling.” John is a sledgehammer. Unabashedly, John is a hard hitter. But he’s also not getting any younger.

When I agreed to team up with him, it came with the agreement that he would adapt some parts of himself. Slowly, I’m trying to get all of the anger out of him. The reason being… If Johnny isn’t angry, what weapon does HATE have left. If Johnny isn’t angry, then what could The Fallout push against him.

John needs to learn how to take away the obvious targets from his detractors. We know he is still a dangerous man. He’s an old man in a young man’s sport. And he’s still going. I’d say that makes him dangerous.

My Reaction: I’ve always said Napalm was dangerous, something bubbling up beneath the surface that he just keeps bottled up. I hope with his exposure to Jaime Alejandro he learns to uncork it and use that pent up anger to do some good around this place. Q: Let’s shift the focus to Jaime Alejandro for a moment. You’ve been on hiatus for quite some time, and frankly, most of us expected that was it. You were gone forever. What exactly brought you back to the EWA? Something had to have caught your eye.

A: I’m going to be insouciant about my answers. But the first thing I saw… Michael Draven made the deal with the Devil. And his angel traded the deal. She sold her soul. And now, she gets to live with abandonment and being disowned again. To be blunt, Jada Kaine was right.

Later, I saw the declaration of Grace Goeren. And Duane Gates crowing that he would destroy what he created. But Gates is a typical small man. A man who thinks the creation can only live if he lives. But this is not true. This is why I will see the Fallout fail. And I will make it fail. Because a vision held to one person is not a vision. It’s a cult of personality. And those fail.

Much like Boden said about HATE, as well. Boden is a nut. But mentally disabled people tell the truth. There’s no pretention. It may be the same old HATE. Same as it ever was. No changes from the formula. Kill the Harbinger, and the Pillars fall. Kill the Queen, and the King cannot move.

For those who say this ain’t chess. You’re dead wrong. This very much is chess. And I can’t give away all of my moves, friend. Just know I have a lot of them… With that, friend. I’ll take my leave. See you at the wedding.

My Reaction: I have to say, Maggie selling out was great television. It’s just another feather in the cap of the EWA with how well they’re spinning all these different stories and the tendrils of those stories are touching other areas of the EWA in a way that let’s the wrestlers intermix a LOT more than we’ve seen in the past. The worst thing a promotion can do is tie up a couple of wrestlers in a long-term program where they have little interaction with others. Maggie is now tied in with HATE, as well as The Youth, and I’m sure if the Fallout ever saw an opening to take a shot across the bow, they would. Then again, it’d be interesting to see how far the Fallout take this girl power stuff? How cool would it be to see them try to recruit Maggie away from HATE?