The Rag Mag, Volume #5: EWA vs SHOOT Project

This will be a rather short edition of the Rag coming off my crazy amazing interview with Sinnocence, which for full disclosure is an awesome name. How awesome? So awesome that I stole it last season and named my Diablo 3 Female Crusader — you guessed it — Sinnocence.

Oh, and in case you don’t believe me…here she is:

Ok, now that we got that mostly unrelated piece of Rag video game trivia out of the way, let’s get to the discussion at hand. Many of you have asked and others are merely curious about how I view the wrestling landscape as it pertains to EWA Entertainment vs SHOOT Project as we know them today.

EWA Entertainment — as they’re now insisting we call it — because calling wrestling wrestling is bad, you realize. Anyway, I view EWA Entertainment as a standard wrestling promotion like those you grew up with and love. To be concise, when you meet Sinnocence on the street, that’s her. Sinnocence. Whether you refer to her as Jada Kaine or Sinnocence, it’s the same person…same character both in the ring and out of it. Indrid Calder is Indrid Calder or The Stranger, etc…if you happen to meet your favorite EWA superstar on the street, you’re meeting the same wrestler you see in the ring.

SHOOT Project, however, I view in a different fashion from what we’re used to seeing. SHOOT Project is akin to a movie studio, they’re creating serialized feature length movies in which characters are only loosely related to the wrestlers they once were when SHOOT Project acted like a regular wrestling promotion.

Wait, what?!

Keep in mind, this is merely MY opinion. I could be completely off on this view…and it may be the opposite of what they intended. Be that as it may, this is how *I* view SHOOT Project as it exists today.

Meeting a modern day SHOOT Project wrestler is somewhat like meeting Tom Cruise. No, not because they’re famous, but because they’re actors. You’re not meeting Ethan Hunt because that’s the character he plays in the Mission:Impossible series…you’re meeting Tom Cruise. This is how I tend to view SHOOT Project today. Take a wrestler…such as Dan Stein as an example, while Dan Stein is the same Dan Stein you remember from previous incarnations of SHOOT Project, he’s playing the role of Dan Stein within the confines of the new SHOOT Project universe. Am I allowed to call it a “universe”? Think American Horror Story. The same actors often play different roles from season to season because of the brutal nature of the show itself.

Brutal, you say?

Have you seen SHOOT Project as of late? No? Probably because it’s rated something a bit beyond a hard R, and you’re too young to watch it or lack the cognitive ability to follow the complex story they’re weaving. In short, if you haven’t watched SHOOT Project, I highly recommend it…there is some serious talent up there and they’re doing something you’ve NEVER seen before in professional wrestling. This ain’t your granddad’s wrestling, kids. This is unrelenting brutality, and it’s awesome. So, back to the American Horror Story comparison, at this rate, about 4 wrestlers will still be alive by the end of this gory awesomeness we’re witnessing so I’m not sure if they’re planning on recycling actors [wrestlers] into new roles, or just creating new characters to come in and fill the gaps in future seasons…

Oh, and if you’ve never ventured on over there, this is the link: SHOOT Project[/URL]

In either case, to answer the question some of you never asked, I don’t see SHOOT Project wrestlers in quite the same light as I see their EWA Entertainment contemporaries.

What says you?

How about we make this a bit more interactive than usual and you leave your thoughts on the Headbook post — Facebook for those lacking imagination — and let me know what you think?

How do you view SHOOT Project vs EWA Entertainment as they both exist today?