The Rag Mag, Volume #3: An Interview with Sahara

This interview was recorded for the exclusive use of Combat TV and EWA Entertainment, a concession that was made at the request of the interviewee.

Sahara, one of the most controversial “me” figures to step in the ring in quite some time appears to have a date with destiny. And in this case, destiny’s name is Azrael Goeren. Estranged father of Grace Goeren and former lover of the infamous Sinnocence. All people with which she’s crossed paths.

A little over a year since her disastrous debut in the professional wrestling world, it seems the reborn Crimson Queen finds herself rematching against familiar names and faces that once questioned who she was. Needless to say, hers is a name none will soon forget, not only do we now know exactly who she is … but what she’s capable of.

We’ve all heard the rumors, of which there are many. People say a lot of things about her, mostly negative — and for good reason — but one thing’s for sure about Sahara, wherever she goes, violence and drama are sure to follow.

Join us, as I sit down with the former Fallout member for a RARE and candid discussion on her rise to life in the squared circle, living her dreams, and finding herself on the outside looking in to a group she once made big on the wrestling scene.

Sahara, welcome…and thank you for taking the time to sit down with us at the Rag Mag for this exclusive interview for the EWA Network.

Sahara: Thanks for having me.

Interviewer: Wow. Where to begin, right? A little over a year ago you were a rather famous wrestlers wife living as a homemaker in Chicago, Illinois…what a difference a year makes, huh?

Sahara: (Audible sigh.) You can say that again. If you had told me before I got the crazy idea to give this a shot before it was too late that I’d be where I am today…well, I guess I don’t even have to say it. When I entered the EWA, everyone said it for me…’what a joke’. I mean, what’s she thinking, right?

Interviewer: Good question, so I’m gonna ask it. What were you thinking?

Sahara: Well, as you know I grew up in wrestling…I mean, I was a part of wrestling longer than anyone, I was always backstage…always around it. I lived and breathed it. My whole family did. It just…when I came of age, and it was a combination of things, but wrestling was kind of in a — in a really bad place for women. Women weren’t serious wrestlers…they were eye candy. I mean, if you wanted to make money back then, it wasn’t gonna be because you were being taken seriously as a competitor…and no, I don’t care what anyone says, from Laura Seton to Tanya Black…or anyone else in between…nobody took them seriously in that era. If you looked good you could make some money pretending to be a wrestler…and if you knew the right people — at most — you might hit the mid-card. But the reality was you were a glorified stripper.

Interviewer: Wow…that’s a pretty big indictment of the profession, is it not?

Sahara: Well, yeah, but it’s the truth. It also shows how far we’ve come in a very short amount of time. There was a glass ceiling back then, it’s undeniable…a woman sure as hell wasn’t going to hold the world title on any major platform, and before the PC police pounce, no, I don’t mean in some bingo hall organization that called themselves a wrestling promotion…I’m talking about the real fuckin’ thing. It just wasn’t gonna happen in a place the size of the EWA…and if it did, it was nothing more than some sorta stupid publicity stunt that everyone laughed about in the back…and I’d know, because I was in the back. I saw what went on behind the scenes.

Interviewer: So what changed your mind?

Sahara: Well, Sinnocence and Laura Seton did, in a big way. It felt empowering to see what they were doing…and Laura, I know she was there through all the shit before that glass ceiling was shattered, and I think she’s awesome for that. I ran away from wrestling during that era…she stuck through it and even though I’ve made fun of it, she gets to say she’s the two time world champion.

Interviewer: Even if it was just for twenty minutes?

Sahara: (Laughs.) Well, it was more like two minutes…but still. I grew up in an era where that thing wasn’t some prop. I’d kill to hold that strap for one minute…and someday I plan on making that happen. I just have to wait for the opportunity.

Interviewer: I have to say, it’s a bit odd talking to you like this…I’m used too a, well, how do I put it? A bit of a meaner person?

Sahara: Give it time, you haven’t pissed me off yet…

Interviewer: I’ll keep that in mind. So, a lot’s happened in your rather short career…from the Fallout to being one of the longest reigning Combat champions, to…I don’t know, a one day member of HATE? You’re reinvented yourself multiple times now, and it’s like you’ve come full circle. On June 7th in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you’ll find yourself in a rematch months in the making against Azrael Goeren. The very man you made a name for yourself against at Live from Tokyo when you turned and joined the Fallout, thus becoming the Crimson Queen.

Sahara: Seems like forever ago…

Interviewer: It sure does. You’ve made it pretty clear over the months that have passed that you have no love lost for Azrael Goeren, stories even spread backstage about a huge brawl you two had at Sinn’s house?

Sahara: True story. Back when I was, um, hanging out there–

Interviewer: Having relations with her son…

Sahara: Yeah, thanks for that. Anyway. Back when all that was going on, I was kinda neck deep in the Grace-aid, and for a long time I blamed Azrael for the person Grace has become. But that was before I lived it.

Interviewer: You mean–

Sahara: Before living life as an addict…I mean, I’m not gonna play innocent, I dabbled a lot over the years, but I had never lost control like I did a few months back. If I’m gonna blame Azrael for everything that happened to Grace, I’m gonna have to blame myself for everything that happened with my family and friends…and from the outside looking in, I absolutely would. But that wasn’t me…I wasn’t even thinking about them. I mean, I was on top of the world…I was Combat Champion, everything was just getting handed to me. I felt invincible. I had it alllllll under control.

Interviewer: What woke you up?

Sahara: Sinn did…I mean, everything she warned me about happened…and you know she saved my life on Thanksgiving day last year?

Interviewer: Heard the stories, yeah.

Sahara: So yeah, now that I look at things from that perspective…that’s not even him. That’s not even Azrael, I mean.

Interviewer: How do you plan on handling this upcoming match against him?

Sahara: I wish I knew…I mean, he’s not gonna listen to reason right now. That’s why I approached you about this interview for the EWA Network. There’s no point in cutting a promo focusing solely on him since he won’t even watch it…wherever he even is. And even if he did, he wouldn’t care. I feel sorry for him. I mean, I’ve never faced a legend like him knowing I was gonna win.

Interviewer: And you know that now?

Sahara: Yeah. He has no chance. The only person that can beat me in this match is me. And if he is sober long enough to see this interview, he won’t be thinkin’ about me or this match for more than a few minutes when his mind triggers and all he can think of is his next fix. He’ll be half loaded, if not all the way…if he’s even cleared to wrestle I’d be surprised. Check the odds on me in this fight…I bet the payout is negative…you’d be lucky to get fifty cents on the dollar. But I don’t care, I’ll take the win…that’s more money for me.

Interviewer: But you can never count out someone like Azrael Goeren, can you?

Sahara: Yeah, and I’m doing it right now. I’ve never trained harder or longer than I am today. He’ll be lucky if he can walk…meanwhile I’m gonna fly.

Interviewer: Which is interesting, as of late, you’ve adopted a new high-flying style, which is quite out of the ordinary for someone of your…ag–uh–

Sahara: Age? It’s okay, I know how old I am. Yeah, usually you’d be right…but unlike most my age, I don’t have the miles on my body. That’s why I don’t look thirty-five, and people are usually surprised when they hear that I am. Ya see, I don’t have the luxury of time, and there is no replacing in-ring experience. So I straight up went to Sinn and said look, I gotta accelerate this. And that was it, she said…outside of flyin’ high, there is no substitute. The downfall is, she said for as much as it’ll equalize me in the ring, it’s reckless…and just as easily as it can help me win, it can also cost me. Just look at last week against Calder.

Interviewer: You had him…

Sahara: Yeah, and I fucked up one move and that was it…I mean, I got the disqualification win, but the reality is, he had me beat. And that was another lesson learned…I learned exactly what Sinn meant when she said, as easily as it could equalize, it could cost me. And that cost me.

Interviewer: It was a sweet move you attempted…the Spiral Tap.

Sahara: It woulda been had I landed it. And I call it the STD…ya get it? They make fun of me anyway, so why not own it, right?

Interviewer: Can’t argue with that, it’s working for ya. So we are limited on time, considering this is meant for the EWA Network, and one of my favorite parts of these interviews is name association–

Sahara: I’ve been around long enough to know it…get on with it.

Interviewer: Fair enough. Ok, Alexander Haven.

Sahara: Dick. But I love him. Good dick.

Interviewer: I–

Sahara: Shhh. I left myself open on that one…I know. Listen, Haven’s a greedy, selfish son-of-a-bitch…now go find me one person in wrestling that isn’t and you’ll have found me a liar. Everyone’s in this game to get what he’s got. Everyone. And that’s the World Title. And if you aren’t here for that, then get the fuck out…and I don’t care what kind of drivel Donovan King spews on that particular subject, if he doesn’t like what I got to say, he can meet me where it matters.

Interviewer: Wow. Okay, how about Donovan King?

Sahara: Was always nice to me backstage at the few SHOOT Project events I attended…even when he and my husband feuded. But last week, when he came out with his big contract entitled bullshit, runnin’ his mouth…not lettin’ the announcers do their fuckin’ jobs? I’m so sick of that part-timer shit in wrestling. It makes me sick. I fight year round and he makes more for one appearance than I do floating this fuckin’ place all goddamn year…so it pisses me off. And hey, I know it’s no fault of his own…if that was me, I’d fuckin’ take the money, too. I know that fucker lived the life…the grind I go through every week now while he sits in his penthouse…whatever, right? He’s at least been to the top of the mountain, and I’m still just a climbin’ fool.

Interviewer: Chris Kage.

Sahara: Dick. Oh, but hey, he actually did say some nice stuff about me in one of his previous interviews, I even Tweeted about that shit…it was pretty awesome getting acknowledged by a legend like him, even if he called me crazy while doing it. Another good dick, I guess.

Interviewer: (Laughs.) Another good dick? You do realize you bring a lot of the innuendo upon yourself when you say things like that, right?

Sahara: Sure.

Interviewer: Okay, then. Cronos Diamante.

Sahara: Close friend. The guy practically raised me. And no, we never did anything.

Interviewer: So there IS one guy–

Sahara: Oh, ha-ha.

Interviewer: Kidding. How about Dube.

Sahara: Don’t know him.

Interviewer: Ethan Leers.

Sahara: From what I’ve seen? He’s a dipshit. And when the day comes that he faces me, I’m gonna crack his skull open for him.

Interviewer: Indrid Calder.

Sahara: Fuckin’ interesting as hell. He’s like that guy you look at, and you’re totally like, “eww”, right? But when he talks to you, it’s like … it’s like he’s talking to your soul. Ya know? He’s just fuckin’ captivating.

Interviewer: Josh Kaine.

Sahara: Sweetheart.

Interviewer: Laura Seton.

Sahara: Pioneer. Hero. Boring. I fucked her up a couple of times for Grace, I remember…it was fun just being in the ring with her…she’ not necessarily my cup of tea these days…I think she represents a bygone era…but like I said earlier, she’s been champ, and I gotta respect that.

Interviewer: Lunatikk Crippler.

Sahara: Let’s just get the rest of HATE out of the way. All dicks. And not the good kind.

Interviewer: Mojave.

Sahara: (Audible sigh.) Pain in the ass.

Interviewer: Natalie Burrows.

Sahara: F.A.F. Fake. As. Fuck. I don’t believe anyone is that pure, and she’s annoying. Next.

Interviewer: Nikki Caldwell.

Sahara: I think she’s hot.

Interviewer: And by that you mean…

Sahara: Use your imagination.

Interviewer: Ray Willmott.

Sahara: Old school. British or some shit, too…I love his voice. It’s like…swoooooon. It’s too bad he’s with the vanilla wafer…oh what I’d do to that man.

Interviewer: Sean Boden.

Sahara: Psychopath. Had a couple of run ins with him over the months…wrestled him once…won the match, too.

Interviewer: By disqualification…

Sahara: And?

Interviewer: Fair enough. Rachel Ellsworth.

Sahara: I don’t really know her all that well yet…she’s kind of weird though, right? I don’t know, as far as I’m concerned, so long as she stays out of my business, we’ll have no business.

Interviewer: Maggie McIntyre.

Sahara: (Audible sigh.) My mother always said if you got nothing good to say about someone you should say nothing at all.

Interviewer: Because that’s always stopped you–

Sahara: Of course it hasn’t…look, I’m just trying to get along with her for Michael’s sake.

Interviewer: I know he’s not on the active roster, but what about Michael Draven.

Sahara: (Laughs.) The BEST dick. I mean…really reallllllllllyyyy good dick.

Interviewer: (Laughing.) Okay, I’m giving you that one. Last but not least, Grace Goeren.

Sahara: My savior, my hero…and now my mortal enemy. Grace Goeren — quite simply — has become Azrael Goeren…only younger. Congratulations, Gracie, you’ve become the person you despise more than anyone on the planet. Look in the mirror, bitch…see the reflection of your dear ol’ daddy. She has something that belongs to me…and I don’t know where, and I don’t know when…but I’m coming for her. That’s a promise.

Interviewer: Sahara. Thank you so much for the time.

Sahara: Your pleasure…